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How To Interview Someone for a Data Science Job

The interviewing process is one of the most important steps when an organization is hiring employees. Different industries and professions have different recommendations on the kind of approach to use to ensure that the interview process yields the best results in terms of hiring the right person. When looking for a data scientist, the interviewing process should incline more towards four important areas.

Multiple-personnel interview panel

The interviewing process should be coordinated by a well-composed interviewing panel, preferably comprised of more than one individual. Normally, having three or four members in the interviewing panel enables you to leverage the knowledge of the existing team members in terms of the kind of questions to ask the candidates. The goal here is to ensure that each team member contributes to the comprehensive understanding of the candidate by asking as diverse questions as possible.

Incline more towards skill assessment

The kind of questions and approach utilized in the interviewing process should incline more towards getting a comprehensive overview of the skills of the potential employee. The panel should sufficiently prepare for the interview process by taking as much time as possible to learn of the candidates’ past. The panel may also choose to prepare the interview questions in advance as a standard measure of the employees' competence. Posing a few brain teasers may help give a comprehensive understanding of the candidates’ suitability for the position in question.

Design some data challenges

There is no better way to assess the suitability of a data science interviewee’s skills than designing a data challenge. The challenge should be customized to the particular kind of skills being assessed. The challenge should be relatively short and with a clearly defined objective. In addition to parading the final answer, the candidate should be asked to provide a comprehensive overview and explanation of the approach that was used to find the solution.

Make it conversational

The interviewing process should be more conversational than an official sitting. Giving the candidate a relaxed atmosphere ensures that he or she gives and demonstrated the best of themselves as opposed to when the candidate feels intimidated. Within the limited time that the candidate will be in the interviewing room, all resources, including time, should be used wisely in order to get the best and most accurate outcome.

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