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Top 4 Irish Data Science Startups

Ireland’s foray into the tech revolution resulted in attracting major tech companies to its shores. With all of the attention that these top global companies receive, it can be easy to miss the startups around the country that are making big waves. These data start-ups are some of the best in Ireland with innovative ideas utilizing data solutions.


Derilinx is a Dublin-based data science startup that works to optimize open data and provide data governance for companies. To do this, the team at Derilinx assesses an organization’s current data systems, creates standardized access to data across an organization for everyone to use, and provides strategic data insights. Starting as part of an academic center at NUI Galway, the start-up grew into a business in its own right.


UrbanVolt has a goal of using data to combat the climate crisis. This startup leverages data science to help companies switch to energy-efficient lighting. Primarily through the use of UrbanVolt’s app Dataful, companies can monitor and calculate how much energy their buildings use. By integrating data across multiple sites to find solutions, the company helps businesses make more economical and environmental-friendly choices. UrbanVolt is a recipient of Google’s Adopt a Startup award.


Popertee is a startup in Ireland that uses geographical and market-based data to help companies find real estate that maximizes appeal to target demographics. Physical retail spaces have been on the decline for a significant portion of time, but the analytics Plopertee provides can help businesses avoid mistakes in determining retail locations. With customers ranging from mom-and-pop shops to top name brands, Popertee can gather and evaluate data for a range of real estate business decisions.


CitySwift combines advanced data science techniques, AI and machine learning, to help make bus systems more efficient. CitySwifts monitors data to help clients project route times, effective use, variables that could impact routes, such as traffic, and more to improve city bus routes. The founding duo of this startup is both data scientists, but one founder also has a background in the Irish bus system.

Ireland is home to some of the most creative startups using data science to solve major problems. These are just a few of the best making Ireland ahead of the curve when it comes to leveraging data.

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