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Machine Learning Help Books for Data Scientists

Choosing to become a Data Scientist can be a challenging career choice, but it doesn't have to be an impossible one. As the need for more Data Scientists continues to grow, it's important to seek the necessary resources to gain insight into your career. The good news is that you don't have to know a seasoned Data Science guru to get the best Machine Learning knowledge. In fact, there are several books that could give you an edge in the field of Data Science.

Selecting the right book can give you a sense of stability and security during your career. Books such as: O'Reilly: Data Science from Scratch with Python, Springer: Introduction to Statistical Learning, and Deep Learning by Goodfellow, Bengio, and Courville are immensely important to gain the necessary skills for advancement. The information in these books will benefit any Data Scientists from beginner to experienced.

Data Science from Scratch with Python will teach you the basics of Data Science, useful parts of Python, Map Reduce, and more. This should be any Data Scientist's first read as it helps build the foundation and scope of daily work activities as well as how to implement them.

Introduction to Statistical Learning will help you fine tune your skills when interpreting large amounts of data. This book is recommended for experienced Data Scientists to help polish or fine-tune different learning algorithms. Make sure to read this one in its entirety as the more advanced topics are toward the end.

Deep Learning deciphers the growing enigma of AI predictions in Machine Learning. This book focuses on Artificial Neural Networks, how Deep Learning works and provides all the necessary tools and teachings to dive right into the concept of Deep Learning.

These are three examples of books that provide a well-rounded serving of knowledge and if used accordingly, can take Data Scientists to the next level in their career. Data Scientist Luciano Stika stated "Each of these Machine Learning books has had a profound impact in my career and, to some degree, the way I see the world."

Let these books guide you to increase your understanding of Machine Learning, fine-tune your skills of algorithms, and expand your knowledge of Deep Learning.

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