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Sought-After Tech Skills in Ireland

For computer programmers and developers, there are trends that underscore these industries and the tools used within them. Despite this, companies looking to hire these professionals don’t reflect these trends as directly. The following article will cover the high-demand skills in the following industry aspects: database tech and tools, wed development tech, developer tools, cloud and big data management, data science tech and specific operating systems.

In Ireland, there is significant demand for those with experience in programming languages. Surprisingly, the availability of jobs is not tied to trends in the tech industry. For instance, Python is a widely-discussed programming language. Regarding job availability, however, these is more demand for programmers that work with Java, JavaScript and C#.

For those with specializations and focus on database technology or management, there are some tools that are used more than others. Microsoft SQL is the most sought-after skill for database management. NoSql has decent opportunities available as well. Literacy with business intelligence and visualization software is also recommended. SQL Components such as SSIS, SSAS and SSRS are used most frequently by hiring companies.

Oddly, many job listings and offerings do not specify a framework, only citing JavaScript and other broad details. It is likely that those creating job listings for big companies may not be fluent enough in the jargon to adequately list a job. Another interesting note is that more jobs require Angular than React, even though React is much more popular for front-end development.

Out of the plethora of available developer tools, Git, Docker, Jira and Jenkins are the most in-demand. To anyone working in the technology industry, this is no surprise as these tools are incredibly popular. What is interesting, however, is the desirability of skill in Microsoft Office Suite. To anyone that uses a computer, this seems like a no-brainer. Many developers and programmers, though, leave it out of their resume because it seems redundant – do not do this!

Despite the popularity of Apple products and Macs worldwide, companies are nearly exclusively looking for professionals that are fluent with PC desktops. This is another example of how hiring companies and their desires for new hires don’t always match the wider technological trends. For Irish experts, and those worldwide, it is important to follow the trends of hiring companies and not just the zeitgeist.

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